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    Default Warning On Startup

    I've got a warning audio alert upon startup of my LI that I can't understand. It says something about a sensor, but when I flip off the power and switch it back on I get the normal "Welcome . . parking aide is deactivated".

    All seems OK. Does anyone know what it is trying to tell me? I've only heard it 2 times in the past 2 weeks, but I've never heard it before.

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    The Connection Alerts, if the sensors are installed properly and plugged into the proper ports, especially if the alerts are intermittent, are likely a voltage issue with your battery which is common during the hot summer and cold winter months when battery chemistry changes or if you have a weak battery. The LI CPU Processor likes to see voltage over 13V and when it does not, it will give connection alerts. Simply turn the LI on only after you car have been running for a minute and the battery voltage has had a chance to stabilize. If the alerts continue after this test, we may need to look into it further.


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    Default Re: Warning On Startup

    Thanks for the info.
    The LI is directly wired to the ignition such that it automatically turns on only when the car is running (will not turn on in accessory position). It may be that the voltage drop from the starter is what is being detected. I found it unusual since it never alerted before upon startup and I could not understand the full text of the message. May be time to check out battery voltage just in case.



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