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    Default Bad Review or Bad Reviewer?

    I saw some disturbings reviews on a site called and wanted to see what I others saw. They using a LI against a Stalker Lidar and Laser Alley. These tests showed some bad results for LI. The question I have, is the driver of the car possibly turning on and off the manual switch during the test? Why I say this is because the dual sensor lights appears to "flicker" through out the run. Is this suppose to happen?

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    Bad Reviewer.

    That website, and the other lies found on it, are all propaganda by the disgruntled reseller of a competing device named Chris The Goon who used to sell Laser Star (last place finisher at the 2008 "Guys of Lidar" testing
    Radar Detector Tests and Reviews by Guys of LIDAR - LASER) and now sells yet another Chinese Clone/knock-off called the Laser Elite. The issues he mentions are very old, have since been addressed long ago, but the misinformation persists on the Internet and it is still being used against us by some competitors and other naysayers who long ago were forced out of the business due to their poor performing and the defective devices they sold.

    Also, please read here:

    Speed camera laser jammer - Page 4 - VZi, Europe's largest VW, community and sales

    Goon watch 24/7

    Awesome customer service

    Awesome Customer Service

    LI Customer Service
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    Thank you. Thats what I thought.



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