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    Default Volume Adjustment

    Does the "volume trimmer" adjust the spoken voice alerts only or does it also adjust the siren/klaxon like very loud alarm alert. It's the latter I want to lower but I don't want to dig back under my dash if I can only lower the spoken voice telling me welcome & the type of lidar I encounter.

    If not, is there any way else to lower the alarm sound?


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    Default Re: Volume Adjustment

    The pot adjusts the overall volume and not a specific alert(s). You can make them all lower or higher but not different volumes for different alerts short of making your own Voice Files in which you can adjust the volume of a certain file(s).


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    Default Re: Volume Adjustment

    Thanks for the info!
    I just wanted to be sure I could lower the loudest portion (alarm) which it appears I can.
    The owner's manual talks about adjusting the "voice", that's why I asked.
    I'm off to change it now. . . .
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