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    Default LI Updates & Voice Packs

    I just updated my LI with Firmware (8.14) & Voice Pack (8.14) for the first time since May 2010 when I got the unit. Not only was it was much easier than I had imagined, I also got introduced to the available Voice Packs which are really neat.

    I'd like to install the "8.12 Super Clear with Welcome" voice pack in place of the current 8.14. If I understand it correctly, I need to alter the 8.12 pack first, by replacing 8.12's pcm files# 52 & 53 with 52 & 53 from the most recent pack 8.14 plus adding new 8.14's pcm # 54 & 55 to account for the changes/additions since pack 8.12 was generated?

    Thanks for any feedback, and I'd like to thank Cliff for making this all possible by hooking me up with a spare power plug so I could attach my external 12v supply!
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    Default Re: LI Updates & Voice Packs

    It was my pleasure!




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