Hey friends,
I just got my first alert yesterday, ( outside of testing them ), in over two years of owning them.
I have a question. I am in Kentucky which doesn't use a lot of lidar. I was traveling on US 27 North Bound. It was misting rain and cold.
I was not in an area I would have expected a lidar hit.
Suddenly it went into full alert and said something that I couldn't understand. I know this is the time it tells the lidar gun type but it was inaudible.
I took a quick glance around and saw no one, But that doesn't mean an officer was not there.
I have owned them for a very long time with no false alerts. Has anyone else gotten false alerts before? Could a child pointing a laser pointer at my car cause it to alert? Not saying that happened, I'm reaching here.
My redline detector didn't sound, but that isn't uncommon with lidar.