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    Default placement for ZR3

    I am going to be installing my ZR3 heads in the next week and would like some critique on placement of the heads. I have two spots in mind. one is easy but may not have great placement, the other is good placement but a little more involving. Here is a pic for where I want to but the front heads.

    so what do you guys think? If I build the heads into the grill I am going to paint the grill black to blend in the heads better.[/img]

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    Suf Daddy


    Two head near the blue marks........

    MAybe angle the NJ plate so it aims at the ground. At the sky would be better, but that makes it obvious.........

    No need to draw attention if your sippin your Crown Royal..................

    -Suf Daddy

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    Thats what i thought. Good thing the grill is plastic with a chrome paint job. I think I am going to have fun with this. I will post pictures when I am done.



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