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    Default jammer indiacation, sortware upgrades....

    I was thinking does lti upgrade the jammer indication!

    reason is the blinder and other jammers dont trigger the E07 jam code, but does lti update this feature so that jammers can be detected!

    the reason i ask is that with bing in the uk i seriously dont want the jam indicator to appear, they use the 2020 and ultralytes, but some laser vans also use other makes possible the prolaser 2,3 or stalker...... but the lti stuff is used more....

    i know E04 on the stalker is a jam code but i dont know if the blinder makes that appear....

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    I don't think so.
    I have never seen a jammer that throws and E07 jam code on any LTI gun. The only jammers that I think might trigger a code, would be the Lidatek LE-10 or Target LE-850.

    And yes, Blinder causes E04 on the Stalker.


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    While not a jammer, I've seen sunlight fraction off a parked car get a (Jam code) on the LTI UltraLyte. E- 07. I have video somewhere. I think a poster in Northern VA got a DVD with it on it for his court case.

    -Suf Daddy



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