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    Default Performance of veil and laser shield on an SUV...

    I was just curious of the practicality of putting a laser shield on the front plate and veil on the headlights/ turn signals etc. of a '93 ford explorer (the old school boxy style). It seems like it would help, but how much? Also would it work to put the veil on the chrome bumper, or would it just be an unsightly waste of the veil? Right now it seems like my truck has the reflective properties of a tin foil covered wall and Im looking to change that.

    Thanks in advance...

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    i say do Veil and LS. every little bit helps.

    As for the bumper, it can be done. i actually have my rear bumper Veiled, and it's still holding. ( only been about 2 months so far)
    you would have to look extremely close to notice it there. it still looks "chrome", with maybe just a very slight "tint" to it.

    as for how well if any it helps, i'm not really sure as i never did a before and after test aiming specifically at the bumper.

    if you do decide to do it, Veil everything else first, then if you haver enough left you can do it if you want. for the bumper i found the brush actually worked better than the sponge did.
    long strokes, top to bottom, moving quick worked best.



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