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    Suf Daddy

    Default LIDAR head alignment idea?

    So I'm checking out Easy E's ride:

    when it hits me.

    Why not place a jammer head around the roof line or windshield.

    Not very stealthy, but the spread / divergence SHOULD cover the front going forward.....

    One in the grille center and one up high?

    < <--------- That's the jammer TX spread / divergence........
    Keep some of it from hitting the ground and being wasted?

    Any thoughts?

    -Suf Daddy

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    sounds plausible to me.
    that's where my two front shifters are. one on each side in the front headliner at the windshield.

    i haven't tested it too thoroughly yet though. with all this stuff about angles and levelness i've been brainstorming a few things.
    i may move them both to the center, one straight and the other pointed up for high overpass shots. they would be hidden in the same console that my front radar antenna is in. not noticeable from the outside unless you really try to see it and unless you're looking for it, you won't.



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