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    Default Searching for the right jammer...

    I have a 2002 Grand Prix GTP coupe, all black with black interior, tinted windows, etc. (very very dark vehicle). I've been searching here and I'm really at a loss as to what jammer I should run. Being that the car is so dark already, I think that I'd have pretty good results with any well made jammer + Veil on the headlights/foglights. I'm also going to remove the front plate and put the black cover back on since I'm moving out of Ohio for the summer (on the Grand Prix's, there is no external bracket for the plate - it's built into the bumper so with the black cover on its completely flush with the rest of the car) I've been seriously considering the Blinder M20 to go with my RX65. Do you think that in conjunction with the RX65, veil, and lack of overly-reflective surfaces on the front of the car, the M20 kit would be sufficient?

    Thanks everyone!

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    sounds like a great plan to me!

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    Of currently available jammers, M20 has pretty consistant performance. I'd say with an M20, a lasershield on your plate, and veil on your headlights, you'd be set.

    Nice car BTW. We want pics when you get everything installed!




    I'm already running an RX65 and Lasersheild, Jammer+veil will be my next big purchase.

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    Thank you, I got her about a month and a half ago - she's my absolute pride and joy 8)

    Here are some pics taken about a week after I got it, for my CarDomain page:

    Note: no tint or RX65 in these pics (obviously, lol)...I just had all of that done last week. I wanna get updated pics but the weather has been crappy for a straight week now! For the rest of the pics, you can check out my CarDomain page located at

    I know that becasue of all the glare in these pics (no to mention how dark the car is, lol), it's hard to see the front of the car...but based on what little you CAN see, where would you guys recommend mounting the M20 heads? I was thinking behind the grille, becasue then they'd be nice and concealed...but that would put them awfully close together and might leave an unprotected area toward the outer edges of the headlights. Also, would seating them behind the grille reduce their ability to work properly? The only other option would be to mount them in the lower air dam, hanging down from the upper edge. That would allow me to space them out far enough, but sets them awfully low and leaves them exposed to whoever gets snoopy. What do you guys think?[/img]

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    No suggestions from anyone? :?:

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    One head to the left and right of your license plate with veil on your headlights and your set.Just make sure you spread the head coverage correctly.Remember the 18 inch circle..

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    Therein lies the license plate bracket it build right into my bumper, so theres no place to put the heads directly to the sides of it. It will have to be behind the grille or in the lower air dam, those are my two options.

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    Shoot Stealth Jamal a PM and talk to him. He has a car similar to yours and he may have a few tricks to give ya.



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