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    Default Installed 3 Lidatek LE30 heads on my Lexus GX470 (m)

    After considerable time spent fabricating the brackets, etc I installed 3 heads on the front of my 2006 Lexus GX470. My original intent was to install 4, but the grill was just too shallow to support the units and keep them securely fastened without a Rube Goldberg system.
    2 heads flank the plate, and protrude through the air intake areas. They are supported by brackets dble taped and then bolted w/ stainless hardware to the steel bumper frame behind the plastic fascia. Got them pretty much dead level and angled out a tiny, tiny bit, since most cops are at the side of the road and not the center. They are recessed about 3/4" and have a great view of the road ahead, despite being hard to spot. Plus, they are anchored in pretty good!
    The 3rd unit is right in the center of the grill, inside the big Lexus "L" logo! A little dble stick tape and I was good to go. That one is angled up a hair (about 1/32") to allow for overpass shots as well. Have the wire running through the hood insulation, so its all barely visible. Full wiring took much time as I insist on a totally OEM appearance and the like. No amateurish installs for me.
    Build quality is excellent. Very, very well made and great support. Yes, some here are all gung ho for the Antilaser, etc, but all the real world and anecdotal tests I read say the thing works well and is fully supported. No "maybe there'll be a company to call in 6 months" like we are seeing here. Need full protection as the vehicle is pearl white (groan.... I like the color--and so does laser!) and as a big front end.
    Now, I still have a full LE 30 kit with one head left over. Think I'll get another head and install a full setup in my wife's Toyota Sienna. I have "Lasershield" plate covers on order as well. Maybe I'll get pics once 1) it stops pouring and 2) I borrow someone's digital camera (I'm still using 35mm!!)
    Thanks to all here for their help & input. I almost want to encounter a trap to see how it works! But, for now I'll wait for the laser tester I also ordered and see how it goes.

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    wow, this sounds like a fantastic setup! Please post some pics!!!! Cant wait to hear your encounters

    This is alot of vehicle to protect hehe!

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    Default Great pic of the vehicle- You can see the big "L"

    where I hid the upper transponder. The lower 2 flank the plate and protrude from the upper 1/3 of the air intakes depicted (yet still recessed about 3/4" from the front) and are as close to the plate as I could get. I did not want them just taped to the upper plastic of the bumper as such would block a full view of the road. Thought it better to "suspend" them via brackets so they appear to float in mid aid about 1/3 of the way down from the top edge of the air intake. Gives a better and more open view of whats ahead.
    It took a looong time to get make the brackets and then get them level, plumb and pointed in the right direction. Lidatek supplies great hardware, whcih made it easier. Ued a bit of loctite on the screws, etc to guarantee things stay tight. In addition to the very good dble stuck tape I also used self taping stainless hex head screws to lock the brackets down into the stell of the bumper inself. They are NOT going anywhere.
    Lidatek advised me to have them point up a hair (about 1/32") and they like angling the lower units out also about 1/32" to better deal with the revenue agents..oops, I mean police, who generally hide on the side of the road.
    Just need to borrow a camera, but first we need some better weather.

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    What region of the country is this in?

    I can test a set up in the NEw England area.........

    -Suf Daddy

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    Nice! I can't wait to see pics of your install. How'd you get 3 heads? You bought two LE-30 Duals? Or can you buy additional heads separately? How many heads can you connect to one controller?

    Have you put Veil on your headlights yet? That should help quite a bit too.

    I'm leaning toward the LE-30 Dual when I eventally can afford a jammer. Support with AL is questionable, plus Roy can't/doesn't sell them. Blinder and ZR3 heads are too big; I want to hide them inside the grill of my Audi A4. So Lidatek it will probably be.

    I'm not in any rush though, due to the aforementioned money situation plus the fact that I encounter maybe 2 or 3 laser traps a year.
    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

    If speed kills, how come I'm still alive?

    Active Countermeasures: V1 3.858, Escort Redline, Beltronics STi-R+, LI Dual 7.1x CPU/8.7 Heads (front)
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    Default I bouoght 2 full 2 head units, thinking I'd install all (m)

    four, but the grill slats were just too shallow and plastic to do it well. So, after speaking at length with "Andy" at Lidatek I decided to use only 3 and save the 4th with the control unit, etc for my wife's van. Just need to buy another head and I'm set. He opined that 3 were more than enough and I'd then need 2 control boxes, 2 leds and more, etc.
    I live about 1 1/2 hrs North of NYC, which is unfortunately likely not too close to New England, although I did buy the GX from a dealer just outside of Boston.
    Still raining here-- Perhaps on Friday I can borrow a camera from one of the guys at the office and snap a few pics.

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    Default Still raining, hence no pics.

    Maybe it'll eventually stop raining......

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    Default If you are in Atlanta .......

    ....... just go from Kennesaw north on I-75 to Ackworth and back and you will get lots of testing.



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