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    Default Headlights on = jam ProLaser III?

    I had an opportunity to drive past some local LEOs running a speed trap in town. They were using a ProLaser III.

    On the first pass (I didn't know they were there), I got a Ka alert from my V1 because they left the radar on in their cruiser. Shortly after, I got a LASER alert which lasted a couple seconds, so I gather they locked in my speed fairly quickly.

    On the second pass, I turned off my V1 and used the X50, and I also turned on my headlights. This time the Laser alert lasted about 10 seconds (part of this is the X50's 5 seconds that it continues to alert). Based on this and the speed I was traveling, they must have stopped lasering me when I was around 220-250 feet away.

    All else being equal, could having my headlights on during the 2nd pass make it more difficult for them to lock in my speed? I don't have Veil on my headlights yet (been too rainy lately to apply), but I do have a Laser Shield on my front plate.

    Maybe they aimed at my headlights on the first pass, then my plate on the 2nd?

    Has GOL or anyone else tested punchthroughs with headlights on vs. off with a PL III? I thought I read that 1st generation guns can be "jammed" with headlights but newer guns get around this? Maybe there is still an effect?

    FYI, the car is a dark green Audi A4, halogen projector headlights (not HID), and a Laser Shield on the front plate. The LEOs were using a ProLaser III. PSL was 30 MPH, on a relatively straight stretch of one-way road. LEOs were on the right-hand side of the road on a side street. I estimate the initial alerts occurred at about 500-600' away.

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    could of been waiting for you to speed up

    High beams only effect 1st generations laser guns

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    if lights affected it they wouldnt be able to shoot at night...

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    i doubt it was your lights...i heard HID can effect them??



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