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    Default Request suggestions for REAR of Lexus GX470 (m)

    Hey, guys- Although I just finished installing 3 LE30 units on the front of my GX470 and will soon install 2 on my wife's Toyota Sienna, I am thinking about what to do for the REAR of my vehicles.
    I know some here are so-so on Lidatek, but every real world review I've read said they do work and are built very, very well. I also had a one time deal on getting them at a fairly good price (2 dual units and 1 extra head for a bit under $1000). While I'd like more than 5 secs of jam, I certainly don't want to attract undue attention to myself w/ a JTG ...... Actually, I'd REALLY like a device that destroys the laser gun and renders the officer unconscious as such would serve the unscrupulous b*stards right, but I digress.... :twisted:
    Any ideas what I might do for the back of a big white and flat backed :shock: SUV??

    Thanks in advance to all-


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    Could you post a pic of the rear of your vehicle?

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    If you dont want to VEIL your tailights and plate then I would have to recommend a dual Anti laser.

    Even that could be a game of chance.



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