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    Default jammed a stalker laser on 95/192 hwy exit

    on the overpass, they often set one motorcycle on the bottom with laser(ive seen a red stalker on side) dont know what generation? but he stand sthere and aims for southbound traffic going by and radios ahead to cops waiting on the onramp in palm bay/melbourne.
    well, test one, i let it jam to seee if his gun stopped at all or a jtg. i have a 2001 blazer/black grille and new lp905 laser defence and 995v.
    soon will have veil. but i jammed to gun once and on another run, i huit the mute button twice to stop transmitting when i got around 4-500 feet and let him get a reading to him ot to draw attention. i love the bel lp905/zr3

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    thats good to know. i have a white s-10 with veil on chrome and headlights and planning on getting a zr3 unit real soon...glad you had success.



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