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    Default questions on plate angle. . .

    1. Would angling the plate down pick up more reflections off the road?
    2. How much can you angle it without getting hassled?

    This is my plate now. Is it angled too much

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    Looks great! Now for some veil and blinder heads out as far as possible. I will have to angle my plate as well. My blinder heads are just behind that "laser magnet". With it angled, I can reduce the surface area and get most of the plate behind where my blinder heads protrude. BTW Sethy, ck is in the mail.

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    Sethy has a patent on this
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    Default angle of plate

    Remember your plate is a retro-reflector (not a mirror), so just because it is not perfectly vertical doesn't mean IR energy will not be reflected. To check this out, take a digital camera at night and snap a picture of the front of your car. Obviously make sure the flash is on. Now look at the picture. Do you see any bright areas that reflected the flash? These are the areas that will also reflect IR from a laser gun.

    Try taking pictures with the plate at different angles to see how far you need to angle the plate to minimize the reflection. Hopefully, the plate doesn't have to be horizontal!

    Also, keep in ming that there may be other reflective and mostly vertical areas around the plate. For example, chrome bumper trim, chrome/silver emblems, etc.



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