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    Default Will a ZR3 LJ hookup to my Bel V995?

    Since bel and escort has the same cord hookup will it work together? and how does a ZR3 stack up against the Lidteks and others.

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    zr3 is amazing from all the testimony i've heard and video's i've seen. as for hooking up to the v995, i'd like to know that as well!

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    Default does anyone know the answer???

    will the ZR3 work with a V995?

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    I believe it will. Any Bel detector thta can interface with 905 should be able to interface with ZR3. Same with Escort detectors interfacing with Bel products. Why don't you try it and let us know?

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    Default I sure will..

    can these laser jammers be upgraded to counter the growing tech. of new and future laser guns?

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    Default Re: I sure will..

    Quote Originally Posted by Audi Quattro
    can these laser jammers be upgraded to counter the growing tech. of new and future laser guns?

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    Default they wont link up

    only bel to the bel lp905 units-discontinued and the zr3 will work with the bel units as seperates but not a linked unit if you bought say a x50 passport(would link up to zr3) but want a rx65 so it will be a seperate for me . dan



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