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    Default lp905 mounting top or bottom of plate?

    I installed my laser shield today and was looking at the front of my car wondering if it would make more sense to mount the third head on the bottom of the plate rather than the top.

    The reason I ask is because it looks like from Outrun's videos of laser jammers firing that they seem to fire more intensely above the spot they are mounted. I guess this could also depend on the mounting and how far from perfectly level the heads are.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    On my zr3 it's on the top of the plate and works just fine!

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    Default 3 heads up frony

    i put all 3 up front on my blazer and i have jam to gun every run since bought new 3 months ago.
    mounted, 2 frontals on bumper w/18"of headlights but covers whole area with front poate having the rear laser up front plate and acts as 3rd jammer when jamming.police in florida dont seems to hit in rear. ive been here my whole life and dont know any rear hits yet. on my celica-i have the older lp904 with 2 fronts and 1 rear.
    next month im getting from roy the rx65 and the lp-905 if hes got one available still and or the zr3 laser shifter as a seperate with the rx65. and a new car alarm. the one i have is old, works, but needs a new one. and my olod jammer stills working but after 6 years i want performance like i get fron mt blazer with lp905 all 3 up front.
    anyways, keep heads level-bubble level-buy one.
    then sam under plate-if the plate slopes down, you must put 2 screws at bottom to level out when you put a front poatee on the car so theres something for the zr3 or lp905 rear laser head to mount on up front. but if it works as well as the lp-905 has been working for me down here in florida, i cant wait till next month to get whatever conmbination roy has he has, either way, i think the laser jammers are the same. d

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    I had mine professionally installed, they mounted my 3rd one on the bottom part of the plate. i have not noticed any difference in firing, seems to be fine as long as it level.

    The installer said it looked better on the bottom of the plate, cosmetics only.



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