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    Default Speed and jamming- Is it easier to jam at 75mph or 35mph?

    Seems to me that many tests are done at low speeds, i.e. 35mph. Around my area, however, I've never seen laser except on highways, etc, where speeds of 75+ are common.
    What results can one expect from a jammer at, say, 75mph, as opposed to 35 or 40?

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    Well to aim a laser steady on a car at 75 is a lot harder than 35. I think the speeds are kept low purposely since it is just very difficult to get enough space and time to run 90.

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    higher speeds = harder for jammers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sethy
    higher speeds = harder for jammers
    come again? everything I've read on this site so far indicates the opposite, i.e. jammers are more effective at highway speeds.

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    Lower speeds does alow for longer duration of testing JTG peformance. Where you maybe able to get punch through where as you normally would not in a shorter duration of jam time.

    I think in the whole scheme of things the critical aspect of testing if the distance below 1000 feet, it seems pretty apparent that all jammers are capable to jam above 1000 feet, the tricky part is if you were coming up on a LEO that waited for the last second to target you, say at 500 feet, you have no chance of slowing in time, you are dependent on JTG performance.

    So combine those two and do a long jam at close target distance is the recipe for a good test of performance.



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