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    Default Question on mounting Lidar Jammer.

    This is my my car:

    As you can see, the chrome panning from left to right, the big HID Projector lighting, and the big honkin very reflective Ohio license plate makes me an easy target. I ordered a Pro Park from KMPH.LTD a few moments ago. I am looking for input on mounting it on my SUV. I would think close to the plate however the big Nissian emblem and the big head lights have me thinking differently. Please give me some advise.

    J Martin
    Dayton Ohio

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    looks like you got the idea!! The only thing I'm betting they could get punchthrough on would be the side mirrors. but by that time you'll be at a nice legal speed limit! congrats on the purchase My dual LPP is setting in philly clearing customs!

    A tip when installing make sure they are flush if not sticking out a tad bit from the bumper area. I would also recommend when you place them dont point them straight ahead angle them out about 2 degrees.




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