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    Default Anything in front of a LED jammer head makes it USELESS!!!!!

    Guys I am a bit dissappiont to tell you that if there is anything in front of a LED jammer head. Even if it's mesh grill renders it useless.

    Here is how i found out. I got my blinder's installed at a authentic Blinder retail and the he mounted them behind the mesh grill. I asked him why and if he read the instructions his response was this sort of thing is not in the blinder and escort trainning session he had to take to be a registered dealer. Blinder and Escort had taught him that the higher the jammer heads the better. It truly was also my fault for not make sure he knew where i wanted him to mount the heads. I just figured he would know because he is a Blinder dealer

    Anyway the guy was extremely nice and said he would move the heads for free when ever i wanted and he will thrown in free labor for another jammer install in the rear of the car 8).

    Well I went to test out my set-up easily picked off my car at 900 ft just by aming at the plate :cry:

    One good thing is I am not driving that much this summer so I should be fine. After I get paid for the summer I would Like to have a Blinder M40 up front(all mounted in the underside of the bumper) as well as a dual Diode system. Then I'll next invest in a rear technology later

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
    Laser Jammer-Laser Interceptor Quad
    GPS Camera Locator-Cheetah C100
    GPS Nav-Garmin nuvi w/Trapster
    CB Radio-Galaxy DX-949 w/Wilson 500
    Scanner-RS Pro-96

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    I knew it would hinder preformance, but thats huge. what kind of gun did you test with?

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    interesting. :shock:

    do you have a way to temporarily remove the mesh and do some runs to see how much it affects them?

    i'm just glad to hear you figured that out before you got nailed. :!:

    my bottom 2 heads are behind the mesh screen of my hood bra.
    i still get JTG, but maybe the other heads are "covering for them", no pun intended.

    at night i don't think it's as big a deal, but maybe i'm wrong. in the night shooting i did they seemed as bright, but who knows. :?:

    keep us posted on what you find out and any further testing you do.

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    Wow, good to know. I'm also insterested in test results with the mesh removed.



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