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    Default Blinder vs LPP for stalker

    Its difficult to interpret all the different tests including the latest spring 2006 testing since even the Blinder M-45 is a unit not available.I have a small fast car with a blinder M-20 extreme on the front.I noticed an overpass trap where it seemed they were targeting cars from behind last week.Made me nervous.I'd like to get rear protection but from what I read on these posts they use the Stalker here in Oregon.Do I add 2 more blinder heads on the rear (easiest logistical solution)or go with a LPP since the Blinder fared poorly in the latest test of the M-45 while using the stalker laser gun.In Fact it had little effect at all on the stalker from the way I read the results.
    Or am I not interpreting things right??

    thanx in advance for any input

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    an m20 for the rear would suite you well

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    If the leo's are shooting from an overpass, would it make sense to try an angle a jamming head into a position that is facing the laser shooter?

    All the install manuals state the jammer heads must be level to direct the jamming beam back towards the gun to overpower it or confuse it. This of course is assuming that the leo is at the same level as the car, ( for the most part this is how they shoot) But they seem to be getting educated to this fact, for some reason people are seeing more shots at a downward angle, and getting shot in the back too.

    So going under a leo shooting the gun I am doubting the jammer would do anything if both heads are installed as per manufactuere instructions. Has anyone tried this scenario?

    I would like to know, if someone with real world experience could post, it would be great. although speculation might help too.

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    I think you are right we need to get a real world test.Many people are seeing rear laser now.Seems like they are one up on us.

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    follow my thread. i'm going to be doing a lot of rear testing in the coming weeks!



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