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    Default Laser encounter tonite I need help interpreting

    I was driving 80mph in a 65 and my laser jammer m20 went off.I have a small car and the m20 heads mounted low in the front.My x-50 RD mounted left mid windshield did not go off.I slowed to 60ish and searched for the cop who was on an overpass.I was approaching the overpass.Distance to the cop was 1000 feet or so.My m20 stopped alerting and I went under the overpass and as I was driving away from the cop my x50 sounded but not my jammer.
    My interpretation is that I jammed the radar from the front but the laser did not hit my detector as it was aimed low in the front.The cop did not get a reading on my approach so hit me from the rear and my RD picked up the signal .
    Any thoughts on my theory or any other plausible ideas??
    The weather was clear and the sun had just set

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    Yep sounds very plausible - it is the conclusion I would come to as well.



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    With the Blinder is there anyway to tell when you have Jammed the gun or when it has been punched by the lidar?

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    Either what you said happened, or the X-50 just gave you a delayed warning when it went off. I hope that is not the case. This happened with Sethy's X-50 when he tested it with a remote control tester. (there's a video somewhere)



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