After all of the poor results the ZR3 has got lately, I was beginning to doubt my jammer. But after two encounters this month I have to say I am becoming more confident. The first was with a PL3 which the LP905/ZR3 is known to defeat. And I'm pretty certain I got JTG. However my second encounter was this weekend in OR with the Stalker, a gun the LP905/ZR3 has considerable trouble with. I received a 3-4 second alert going 77 on I-84 (PSL is 65). Then a short break and another 3-4 second alert until I was right on the LEO. I would say this must have been close to a JTG.

All this said I do have veil and a veiled lasershield on my front plate. I'm sure these help my LP905 greatly. I'll try to post pictures soon. 8)