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    Default IS250 Placement of jammers.


    I just got an IS 250 over the weekend and will be installing a ZR3 in it next week. Where do you guys think would be the best mounting area for this car? I have a a couple ideas, but want to get some feedback from the community. Thanks....

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    Default i have same unit but bel lp-905

    i have 2 cars with 2 different jammers and my lp-905 all 3 heads are up front so that if i get hit, icover more space with all 3 going off. the display only reads one like it will say front blocking but all are jamming but the displAy cant read but it still fires so the techs tell me. i have some friens who have tested and they all do fire wjhen set off so i get real good jamming with all 3 up front and thewy dont shoot in rear in florida either dan



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