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    Default Jam Codes

    How often do policemen get false jam codes?

    Are there lasers which can give a definate positive for a jammer?

    Is a jam code enough probable cause for a search?

    Will they get a jam code from no laser return? eg. the laser hit an absobative material such as veil.

    Which jammer gives the least jam codes?

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    The new Laser Atlanta detects jammers.

    Are there lasers which can give a definate positive for a jammer?

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    So does the Ultralyte LRB

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    Stalker gives one too. I seem to remember that at least from one of the videos on the Veil website, the gun behaves like it isnt targetting anything when the beam is absorbed by veil or other similar countermeasure but no jamming code.

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    Jam Codes are operational indicators that tell the officer if a laser gun is being jammed. Currently, the following US laser guns utilize jam codes:

    Kustom Prolaser I, II, III, ProLite
    These guns do not utilize JAM codes.

    Stalker LZ-1:
    E4 = JAM
    On a Stalker, the E04 is very common to see, even when targeting vehicles without jammers.

    LTI Ultralyte, Marksman:

    E7 = JAM (Along with JAM indicator on the display, and a distinct audible tone to indicate jamming).

    It is rare to see E07, basically none of the current popular jammers will throw this code on the guns. In all of the GOL jammer tests, this code has never been displayed. Others have seen it occasionally when targeting an area that is reflecting a lot of sun. It is believed that only the old Lidatek LE-10 and Target LE-850 jammers would cause this code.

    Laser Atlanta

    JA-1, JA-2, JA-3 in HUD
    Jammer1, Jammer2, Jammer3 on LCD.

    Unknown about the effect against different jammers.
    Guns produced up until July 2005 did not utilize JAM codes. Guns produced after July 2005 should have this feature, and also the software update is available for older guns from Laser Atlanta.



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