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    Default Behind the grill....

    I have been looking into either getting a Lidatek LE-30 or just reinstalling my ZR3. I really do not want to cut and/or mod the grill in any way. Is it possible to mount the ZR3 heads behind the front grill? I really like the small form factor on the LE30 but I trust the performance of the ZR3.

    Can the Lidatek LE-30 go behind the grill and "work" better than the ZR3? Also, what do we know about Escort's new LED jammer? Is it just a rumor or are they really going to up date the thing? Thanks for much needed help guys...

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    unfortunatly not. heck even having my LPP flush with my front bumper gave me horrific results. its gotta have a clear view of the road, then be perfectly level etc...

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    When you say "unfortunalty not" is that towards mounting both the ZR3 and LE30 behind the grill?

    And, where would you recommend putting a Lidatek or ZR3 on the IS250?



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