View Poll Results: is the lidatek dual really that bad?

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  • yes, they're really that bad.

    5 38.46%
  • they are good for a time limited jammer...jams for the full 5 sec

    2 15.38%
  • rather have the zr3 shifter

    6 46.15%
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    Default is the lidatek dual really that bad?

    i have seen the results and it seems as though the majority of jams are the full 5 sec. how is this that bad? i know, i do see the 1 sec jams also, but most are around the 5 sec jam. would you rather have a lidatek dual or shifter?

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    I don't think anyone would say it's a "bad" jammer, it's just not been updated in a while and for the money, there are better options available. If I had one mounted on my vehicle I'd still feel relatively safe.

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    I have looked into one for my car but have decided otherwise. I really liked the small form factor and the fact that it is a diode. But, after doing much research and talking to some on here I just don't feel comfortable with it on my car for two reasons.

    1. 5sec jam time-I want to decide when I turn off my unit.
    2. One head will not protect my car for long enough.

    I will say I like the customer service and knowledge they provided, but the product needs to be re-priced.



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