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    Default First encounter with the New Kustom Pro-Lite!

    Well on my way home today, i was suprised by my blinders alerting while i was comin around a slight bend in the road, much to my surprise, there was one officer shooting an ProLaser 3 and the second officer was shooting the new Kustom Pro-lite! It was kind of funny to see him shooting it, I did not expect to see them out so soon, they look like glorified binoculars.

    I'm not gonna say that my blinders JTGed him cause there is no real way to know, however, I do know that he did continue to shoot me all the way till i was just about in front of him (this was not far, i was shot at about 400-500 ft), so i'm assuming this confirms that the pro-lite has the same pulse rate as the PL3

    Just thought you guys might be interested

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    The Blinder should have no trouble jamming the Pro Lite. I tested with the Pro Lite, the Pro Laser 3 is a better laser gun than the pro lite as far as laser performance. If a department does care about that and they just want small easy to carry and use laser guns then the pro lite is the way to go.

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    What worries me is that there were two officers shooting at the same time. Im not sure if your binders gave both guns jtg.

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    Well if pro-lite has the same pulse rate as the PL3 how come that they can work at the same time without interfering?!

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    Looks like there was also a Pro-Lite sighting in Long Island:

    As for two officers shooting lidar, as long as they aren't shooting the same car at the same time, it should work fine. In fact, they may be able to hit the same car simultaneously since the guns use a narrow reception window (they expect a return pulse for a certain amount of time after sending the pulse). Pulses outside that window (from another gun) are ignored.
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