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    Default Thoughts on protecting my White F-150

    Before I invest in a Jammer and Veil I'm wondering what I'll really need to protect the truck.

    The truck is white.
    The bumpers are chrome.
    The valances are not white, they are the dark grey plastic.

    I'll be protecting both front and rear but wonder if I'll need a second jammer for better coverage. One M40 front, one rear.

    If I paint my chrome flat black will it help with those areas? I could care less about the chrome.

    Mirrors are chromed, so flat black?


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    The blinders are good, but you may need more than an M40 up front, plus Veil, Lasershield, and then an M20 in the back.

    Sounds like a lot of work... I think the LPP/AL could cover you with no changes to the truck from this and other vids...

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    Good point! I may wait a while for LPP/AL.



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