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    Default New here - quick question

    Hey everyone. Very informative site but I have a quick question. I tried a search but couldnt dig up anything.

    I am looking at getting a laser jammer for my Dodge Magnum. As some of you may know, the entire front clip/nose on the magnum is plastic. I also live in Arizona and there is no front plate requirement. Am I correct that the laser will only be able to register on my headlights?

    I am looking at getting the Blinder m-20 for Laser Jamming and the Bel RX65 for radar detection.I saw that the Blinder got a perfect score against the Pro Laser III in the tests and in the Sticky on here it says that is the only gun used by cali and AZ(ill be commuting).

    Should I get the Blinder 40 or 20? the blinder has 4 posts but do you think I need the extra two with the plastic nose and no plate?

    Any comments welcome.


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    Lidar will be able to get a speed off the nose of the car very easily. The distance that it can clock you will be a less with no front plate, but if you are targeted at around 1000', I doubt any lidar gun will have any problems getting your speed

    Also, lidar is not effected by the materials that make up your front end, just the shape and color.

    I'd Consider laser diode based jammers.

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    i thought the reason they aim for the front plate and headlights is because they need metal to reflect the beam back?

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    Not true. I was in Oregon playing with an Ultralyte and I could clock people walking easily. 4-5 mph

    Quote Originally Posted by rrdrummer5
    i thought the reason they aim for the front plate and headlights is because they need metal to reflect the beam back?

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    damn lol. my front end is broad and bulky lol. its like a tank up front. not good for laser i would assume..

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    It all depends on color. If you have a black front end, you are better off than if you had a white or silver metallic. One thing helps immensely, no front plate. License plates are the largest source of reflection by far. Retroreflective stuff is downright evil. My small little DoD base decal is retroreflective and kills me. Everytime I go do a test, Stanton picks at that thing like an open sore. Once I'm under 300ft, it becomes a major liability. The only saving grace is that a police officer isn't going to know that I have one and isn't going to know precisely where to shoot.

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    lol I am getting all the wrong answers here fellas hahah. I have Silver Steel Metallic

    looks like I will be doing the m-40 for the extra sensors and the veil thing on the eyes.

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    so do you think I will need all 4 sensors? I am moving to arizona so there will be no front plate anymore.

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    your going to want to cover those fog lights too, and the chrome emblem sitting dead center of the car.

    Common targets are front plate & headlights (for the ease of reflective materials doing their job, REFLECTING)

    Also, the roof line above the glass, the mirrors, any part of the vehicle that you can get a reflection from while standing in front of your car is a prime target.

    The manuals state the the front plate & headlights are the primary targets. But think about how steady of an aim it takes to hit those with a handheld gun, I am willing to bet most of the car gets shined by the laser output during tracking. and if a reading pops up on the display, you've been had. Law does not require that a speed reading must be obtained from either the plate or a headlight.

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    Default jammers

    i have a silver celica gts and going on 6 years with my bel laserpro 904 in south florida-saved me countless times and is still working great today and my color has never been a problem, i have an alert and the jammers do the rest as they give me jtg when new-3 years and now they are still able to jam to around 3-400 feet-still enought time to slow down and i compared a test run also with my lp-905 on my blazer all 3 up front and bought from roy, tested and all heads fire back and seen with ir lens.
    all 3 on my older lp-904 still all 3 are firing(2 front) (1 rear)
    and i have all 3 mounted on the blazer the new lp-905 with the 995v. version4.5, and awesome jamming/radar-ka band escpecially good ka sniffing ka band out.
    gotta say, so far just like its 6 year older bel lp904 is still working and i have the new lp-905 and has already saved me twice to date where i was speeding, full laser alert("blocking front") and ("blocking rear") when they aimed at the plate, it was the rear head so i would get a display of say blocking rear. or if gun shifted over toward headlight then it would alert blocking-front. and often so far has been all5 runs jtg all 5 runs-no reading at all as i passed him.
    it was 3 cops-2 prolaser3, and one ultralyte l/r which was also jtg. very impressive.
    thanx roy for perfect equipment everytime. dan



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