i think i got laser scatter from the minivan/toyata in front of me 2 cars or so moving fast and i was right behind in 35 when all 3 lasers fired up front(front blocking) then went off.... not 5 seconds later, an undercover come behind me, in a black unmarked impala, in melbourne, fl on us1 and flew by me to catch the blueish minivan.
i dont think i got a full laser hit pointed at me, it was so fast that i think it must have been the bounce off the guy he pulled over. i dont know cause i would have been pulled too unless my jammer blocked him and he could only get that guy? it was all so fast today. so far before ttoday, i had 5 runs jtg. i get real good perfiormance as all 3 are bubble level and on the front plate is the 3rd one. dan