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    Default help" does all 3 heads fire when hit???

    i have the zr3 shifter or bel laserpro 905. same unit were dealing with.
    i get a message front blocking as jamming the police often to the gun. im trying to decide if the modules are too close together since i never hear rear blocking first or even ever when attacked but someone said all are firing when one is set off and saw with a night lrens all 3 firing so has anyone else tell me if this is true?? i have the lp-905 and if all 3 do fire(i keep all 3 up front) so the front plate has a jammer but when getting hit, displays front blocking, no rear so im hoping all 3 are blocking and the display can only do one thing at a time even though all are firing? thanx dan

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    the heads only fire when they detect it. it will not be guaranteed that all will fire at once

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    If your question is can the inside display of a ZR3 indicate front and rear shifting at the same time, then the answer is YES.

    Look at the ZR3 test vide on my Putfile page. Within the first couple seconds I activate a laser tester, and all three heads (front and rear) which are on the top of my washing machine see it, activate, and both the front and rear lights on the control panel are illuminated.

    Video is on this page


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    Hey Dan, what kind of laser gun do they use? The shifter/Lp has two front connections that seem to work in concert. Basically, if one gets hit they both fire. There has been some debate about the timing, but tests with laser tester and IR camera reveal that both fire back when fired upon. Also I think that I read in another thread that the "plate" head lags behind the "front" heads but don't quote me. This might explain why you never get a rear alert first. Saying that I think that the Blinder/Zr3 combo is a great LED based system.

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    I have a ZR3, was hit with Laser the other day, all 3 heads are up front
    the display indicated front and rear shifters were firing. seems like that fired all at once to me but wish i could tell for sure, i know at least 2 of them fired just by the diplay.



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