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    Default Am looking for a jammer.

    I have a e36 bmw and am looking for a jammer to get. I was wondering what is the best right now in the market, i read up on here and seem to have good reviews with the laser park pro, and the AL6. Is the LPP and the AL6 the same product or it is diffrent and what does everything think would be the best.

    Was also wondering what kinda of laser guns does the state of michigan use if anyone happens to know?

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    I also would like to know what type of LIDAR guns are in use in Michigan and what laser jammer is best suited for these guns.

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    I think Ultralytes and PLIII's, but I haven't seen this for myself. In the areas I drive, I've only been lasered in Michian maybe three times in the seven years I've lived here....



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