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    Default got to say, alot of people ***** about there units????

    I have had from reputable dealers both times with warranties if something didnt work. but so many people ***** about failure or real world this jammer this and thaat.
    well, anyways, i know cause ive lived and witnessed my jammer working under real world laser traps and point blank set ups and blanking the laser gun everytime so far to date. and i have a 2001 blazer 4x4 as one of 2 cars, other has an older bel laser model but still works for now. but on the blazer, i put all 3 up front with the rear one the center plate using non reflective tape to make the plate stand out but its not chrome but tape creating somewhat of an illusion to the cop. so this big target blue or center-part black, strip of chrome on center? so there were all 3 heads aiming at him me doing 60 in a 40. as soon as i turned, there it started going off, i slam brakes to 50, then coast down to 40 meanwhile traffic wAS all around level with me and my laserpro 905 alerted agin as he tried to get some read on me from point blank, he just shook his head p/o'ed i think but i was happy very happy. still akes me happy to think about it

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    you start with something about dealers and stuff not working and go to a story about yourself?????????

    good job not using all caps........but still all clumped together so its still hard to read

    I didnt understand half that thing about the tape

    and then I think you posted this story somewhere before?!?!?!

    and then as they all say, SHUT OFF THE JAMMER after you drop your speed JTG is NOT GOOD

    and then "Slamming on the brakes" to slow from 60 to 50????? then coasting down to 40, just keep even pressure and GENTLY ride the brakes down to 40, DONT MAKE IT OBVIOUS THAT YOURE SLOWING DOWN after he hits you with Laser, that just screams "HEY LOOK I HAVE COUNTERMEASURES THAT MESS YOU UP and interfere with your duties"

    and you said that the LEO was P***ed off that he got nno reading, thats a bad sign, he could just as easily have gone after you for something like that and pulled you over for some BS excuse, just because he hates you for jamming his gun, Legal or not



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