The amount of information on this site is overwhelming and unbelievable... so instead of reading through thousands of posts and reading argument after argument, I thought I'd ask:

1) is Laser Pro Park/AntiLaser the same thing, and is Laser Pro Park the latest version? If they aren't the same, what's better and why? How can I buy (PM me if needed)

2) is it really THAT much better than Blinder? or is it better at all?

I know the first is Diode based, and the latter is LED based. I'm running an 8500x50 w/ VEIL on the lights and a Laser Shield license plate cover.

Is one unit on the front really enough protection w/ the LPP/AL?

This is really all I want- I don't care if I can necessarily speed past cops JTG the whole time, but I at least want a jammer that will JTG while alerting me, giving me enough time to slow to PSL.

I know the ZR3 is an option w/ my 8500x50, but it doesn't offer protection against all forms of LIDAR, whereas its my understanding that both Blinder/LPP/AL do.