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    Default Curiousity about PTs

    I was just wondering what is it that allows for PT... is it:

    A) Because you cross over into the point where the LIDAR gun overpowers the Jammer?

    or is it

    B) When the beam divergence gets so small that the Jammer stops transmitting since it has stoped recieving?

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    Everyone says it's Punchthrough but the correct term is burnthrough. This is where the jammers signal is no longer enough to hide the signal of interest. It is typically expressed in a db J/S ratio of 6db. Once it's below 0db, the signal of interest is received instead of the jammer. However there is a range between burnthrough and jammed called crossover where the system can receive the SOI eventhough the J/S ratio hasn't been exceeded. Higher J/S ratios work to the jammers advantage but if it gets too high, it can activate anti-jam or jam detect circuits. More power is good but too much power can be a problem. A good jammer stays just below that threshold....of course I've seen jammers that were so powerful they caused damage to victim....Screw ECM detect circuits



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