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    I am getting ready do buy 2 Laser Pro Parks. The only place that says they have them in stock is <Link removed due violation of rule #3.....cVr>. Has anyone done business with them and are they legit? What are the pros and cons of buying from AntiLaser direct?

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    Neverheard of someone buying through that store. But My advice is to wait till KMPH gets them instock or order direct from anti-laser.

    The only con of ordering from antilaser is that you have to wire money which is an addition fee, meaning credit cards are noty accepted. Your best bet is to wait till KMPH has them in stock or order from Anti-Laser directly

    Here are some post with some information you should read as well.

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    laser protector website has a list of approved dealers that stock their items.

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    Default Buying LPP

    It was Kmph that suggested I go to <No dealer names-RacerX> to buy the LPP. They said it was one of the largest resellers. I just never heard of them. Kmph said they don't have any in stock and don't know when to expect more. If anyone has used <No dealer names-RacerX> I'd like to know. Thanks



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