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    Default My first LASER encounter with a Laser Pro Park

    Saturday AM I was on 90 (MASS pike) between Worcester and Framingham heading east.

    I had been driving for a few hours through NJ, NY & CT, my RX65 covered me through those states, saved me a few times.

    I was doing 90mph, suddenly the LPP alerted in a way I had never heard it before, rapid beeping and blinking, then one second later the RX65 alerted LASER.

    I dropped my speed to about 68, switched off the LPP and then saw the cop on the right side of the road, perpendicular to traffic, I guess shooting through his driver window (but it was closed.)

    I am surprized I did not see the cop before his laser hit me, I did not know the range on laser was so long. This was the first time my LPP encountered LASER.

    I was so psyched!

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    Nice nice i have had antilaser for a long time now and have not ran into any laser...but before i had it i got hit all the time...




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