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    Default What is the fine for Laser Jammer use in CA

    Does anyone know the amount the fine can be for a laser jammer ticket??

    As in- if you are caught with a functioning laser jammer on your car.
    Thank you!!

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    Default How is it that so many people post here but no one knows?

    Is there any one here who knows these things?

    I want to know if it is worth it to buy a jammer.

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    Google for a copy of whatever the California highway code it should be written in there.

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    The code 28150 just says it is an infraction (unless you have 4 or more, then it is a misdemeanor)...but it does NOT say what the fine $ or penalty is.

    Does ANYONE know the penalty/fine? Are we talking $500, $50,000???

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    Default Look up

    Do a google or check out CA Secretary of States website for definitions of the violations, each state is different. This sounds like a petty offense simular to what AZ has and fine here on this would be under $100.00
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    I have to say I am very suprised to be getting such uneducated answers.
    The fines for radar jamming are VERY serious, and the way the law is written, they are trying not to draw too much of a distinction between the laser and radar jammers. Yes I know there is a big difference between the FCC and FDA jurisdictions....but $100...that is just wishful thinking.

    I am going to call the local courts around here on monday to get the real scoop. I will post my findings.

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    Active radar jamming can jam other things other then just police radar (i believe). Which would explain why laser jamming is a petty fine, and a radar jamming fine is huge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jebidia
    I have to say I am very suprised to be getting such uneducated answers.
    We are NOT lawyers and it's really unrealistic for us to know the fines and penalties for each and every state, especially when we don't live in California. The bottom line is laser and radar jammers are illegal in California. If you want to break the law then please don't expect us to do your paralegal work for you. Roy told you how to Google it and if you took the time to do it you would come up with this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Traffic Misdemeanor Bail and Penalty Schedule
    28150(d) Possession of four or more radar jamming devices. Base fine $240


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    Yeah if we cant give you the answer you want perhaps maybe another forum can!
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    First, I do appreciate the efforts made, (especially chris, who provided the link) That link was for RADAR and not laser, which is covered by a completely different jurisdiction. FCC and not FDA.

    You are right, it is entirely unreasonalble for me to ask such information from you people on this forum. My appologies to each of you. My thought was I thought it was possible that someone had researched this who was from California, the most populated state in which laser jammers are illegal, and that this/these person/s would post the findings of their research.

    Since no one from California who would have done such research (which I think is only prudent), I will continue with my plan to call the courts Monday to get the information specifically about laser jammer posession in California.

    I will post my findings here as payment for all your efforts.



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