Well I have been periodically popping by to see if things had calmed down on the forum. Looks like a lot of the riff raff has been run off. So I decided to reregister as a member.

I have been out of the loop and have not caught up on the lowdown of the jammer explosion that was happening when I decided to leave. So I have some questions as I need a recap.

1. What happened to the Drive Smart unit? Did it ever ship to real customers? How did it perform and what is the scoop?

2. Has the AL/LPP thing ever been sorted out? Is LPP selling an AL product or not? Or have they gone their seperate ways?

3. Has any of the new products from Blinder or Lidateck shown up yet?

4. When is the next GOL testing of the latest crop of units????

5. Has RacerX gone blind from all that testing he was doing on his truck? And does he have any more room to mount jammer heads? Inquiring minds want to know!