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    I am interested in purchasing a laser jammer in the near future, but can't decide on which one to buy. I will be purchasing a Escort X50 blue in a couple of months, and like the idea that the ZR3 can "link" to it. HOWEVER, I hear that the Blinder and the Lidatek models do a better job of jamming than the ZR3. HELP!!!!!


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    the shifter will not jam all forms of laser.

    the blinder is capable of jamming all forms, but gets high punchthroughs on some guns.

    look into antilaser's newest. it jams 100% of laser with VERY low punchthroughs and one head is enough to protect you (front end only, most people don't need rear laser protection).

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    My Zr3 has done good for awhile but i got taged with the Stalker lz1 it was no help If you got the money Go Antilaser all the way...



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