ive been here the first year with on ly seeing laser twice. and not even in the city-in cocoa beach and that merrit island.
now this year, i think they finally caught on with how much the police can make off just 1 laser trap and all of a sudden since memorial day onward, i got for one a new lp-905 from roy and using the older lp-904 in my celica until i see a new jammer out i like in a year cause the one i have -lp-904 is still working so i am not rich and going to get one when mine breaks. im going to put all 3 up front too. right now there are 2 front 1 rear but for better protection im going to put all 3 up front with the rear on my front plate(black plate) i have the all 3 up front on my blazer 4x4 and the lp-905 with v995 and it jtg on most occassions. i jam with the older lp-904 but not as well as the lp-905(new) so i figure ill bring the rear up front and have extra front protection since they shoot from front in florida anyways. so i hope this will make better for me until i can get 2007 a newer escort zr3 new model.. i have been hearing about it lately and 2007? so well see. but in the meantime, my lp-904 is eating up the prolaser3 and the ultralyte l/r with out any problems(so is the newer lp-905) and those are the 2 main guns being used in florida. cocoa has the stalker but its rare to see a newish one, there all older generation models. dan