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    Default What do you (Jammer) guys think...

    Hey guys I am planning on getting a blinder M20 sometime here soon (or maybe just for christmas), and I don't really have extensive knowledge in this topic, just the general idea of mounting and such.

    My plan if to mount just above the LP on my car, to the left & right of the 'Eagle' symbol in the center (in the little black spots):

    I was wondering if this is too close together (mind you I have pop-up headlights... this IS NOT my (exact) car.) I also have a black-bra between the two pop-up headlights.

    I was also wondering if that was to far receeded into the car to really be helpful against a laser shot to the LP?

    Comments suggestions about someone relatively new to the whole laser jammer scene? (PS I chose the Blinder M20 mainly because the price folks... but have seen/heard on here its a very solid unit).

    I put this in the jammer section because the highly flow of traffic, I wanted general ideas about jammers, and maybe another jammer for a decent price (naemly the same +/- $25) that could be better.

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    If you have pop-up headlights and a dark colored car...The Blinder M20 would be perfect for you with VEIL and Laser Shield

    Spoiler: show

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    Spot seems right youll have to try and see how it works and how level you can get the heads....Crasy is right Veil and a laser shield...M20 best choice for a low price..



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