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    Default Lidatek LE 30 beeping

    New here and looking for some help.
    I instaled a Lidatek LE 30 on my motorcycle and it seems to work just as it should at start up. But after a few minutes of driving it starts to beep once or twice and the led changes from green to red and then back to green.
    This goes on and on. I shut it off due to the anoying little beeps.

    Could this be from poor grounding? A poor choice in the the power supply? or is it broken?

    Lastnight it was clear and warm. It seemed to beep everytime I was approching a lit overhead highway sign.

    I have yet to call Lidatek about this.



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    There is a problem with your lidatek...I had the same issue with mine. You best bet to to contact the guys at lidatek and they will help you get the problem resolved

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