View Poll Results: If the AL G8 is set to the Contstant jam mode, will the diode be at risk of burning out?

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    Default AL G8 Constant Jam - Can the diode handle it?

    I beleive it wont cause any harm... who else agrees or disagrees....???

    Lets argue this point...

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    If the unit is designed properly, the diode should last for thousands of operating hours.

    "Designed properly" meaning that the diode isn't overdriven and that heat is dissipated properly.

    Since it seems that AL knows what they're doing, I would tend to believe that they designed their diode driver to not harm the diode.
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    If the designers say it won't hurt the unit. I guess I'd trust 'em.

    My question is why? Fine for you in S.A.. But if we were to leave it on JTG until past the LEO... We are not only asking for a ticket for something else, we are asking for more states to illegalize laser jammers. So it might cause"Harm" in another way.

    There's plenty of time to slow down (in most cases) in time to save a ticket and shut it off, giving the LEO a speed reading (see the speed reduction chart link in my sig.). So it makes no sense to me to constant jam.

    Just my 2 argument

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    oakhed... i agree with u. but i think i just wanted to clear it for everyone that browses and owns an AL G8 unit.

    When i get alerted, i usually slow down to the speed limit and switch my unit off. Also here is S.A. they use the LTI Marksman (with the Photolaser) in automatic mode... so 8 secs is more than enough.

    That chart is very helpful... thanx.



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