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    Default What states use lasers?

    I'm sorry if this has been covered before. I searched but I didn't find what I was looking for.

    I have about $400 to spend which means that for now I can only afford a good radar detector or a good laser jammer. I live in NYC and I do a lot of highway driving in NY, NJ, PA and VA. I have a big trip coming up next weekend and I want to get something. Based on where I live should I go with the Blinder laser jammer or opt for a Escort X50 with some of that paint-on laser shield stuff? Is there any information anywhere about which states use laser technology verses radar?

    Thank you!

    Ps: You people have a great forum here

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    Beautiful, thank you! ... Unfortunately I suppose this means that I really do need both a laser jammer and radar detector!

    From your experience, do state police tend to be armed more often with one or the other? I drive almost exclusively on interstates.


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    It is usually used on the highways in the states that have laser. This allows the officer to target specific vehicles in traffic.

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    Yeah for sure seems michigan is starting to go crazy with it in the citys now...on main roads makes it funner for me though..haha

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    I would really suggest getting a RD before investing into a jammer. What type of car is it also wha tis the color?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carter840
    I would really suggest getting a RD before investing into a jammer. What type of car is it also wha tis the color?
    My car is a 1992 Delphin Gray Metallic 325i. It's kind of a dark gray... literally the color of a dolphin (delphin in german).

    I am pretty set on getting a Blinder M-20 as my first line of defense. As I stated earlier I do a lot of driving on interstates... quite often at night. I feel like a radar detector would be a waste as the times that I am really need it (when I'm driving alone) it would be of almost no use since I am the only one being targeted. The idea of an active laser jammer seems much better suited to my needs. Of course, however, I know that I really don't actually know that much, so I would really appreciate your input.




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