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    Default How long does a lidar gun need to be targeted

    Pass by a state car yesterday. My jammer was blocking for about 400 ft @65
    Does this mean the officer was trying to get a reading off of me for that entire time or does it take that long for him to lock on. Is it good news that he was targeting my vehicle for that long? (he couldnt get a reading) or is this normal?

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    Yeah it's good news but some laser jammers have extended alerts. For example lets say the officer targets you for 3seconds, then the laser jammer will continue to alert for another7-8seconds. The V1 is the best detector to let you know how your jammer did

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    im using a rx 65 and a lp905
    the rx told me frnt blocking all the way until i passed him. My wife was driving I didnt want to make any moves to turn it off. The button is by her.



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