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    Default Sensor locations for Z06 Corvete

    I am thinking about getting a dual sensor AL G8 for my Silver C6 Z06. Below are some photos with a green dot in the location of where I was thinking of mounting the front and rear sensors. In the front; flush with the front bumper under the upper surface of the inlet cowl. On the rear; flush with the license plate overhang above the rear plate.


    - How well do you think these locations will work?
    - I have 2-1/2'' of space underneath the front overhang and 2" of space underneath the rear overhang. How long is the AL G8 sensor? Will it fit?


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    L X W X H ----- 1.97" X 1.97" X 0.79"

    L X W X H ----- 5cm X 5cm X 2cm

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