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    Default A thousand apologies in advance and...

    I know this is bad form...
    and I know size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it, but...
    I just had to share.

    Click on the link below, scroll down to the 3rd picture and answer the following question.

    Note: Those allergic to BS, please take precautions.

    <-- cant allow the link, sorry - Sethy -->

    Is the guy holding...

    a) 4 Le-30 heads glued together
    b) A sample of marble flooring
    c) That monolith from 2001: A space odessy
    d) A Defender 2 head unit

    I know Drivesmart said that the Defender 2 had broken all their laser guns during test, but I didn't realise they mean't that they had dropped it on them.

    I've thought up a couple of marketing banners for them too...
    Drivesmart: Largest jammer manufacturer in the world
    Drivesmart: If it doesn't work, you can always hit him with it.

    Sorry Roy, couldn't help myself

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    My signature says it all..................... :wink:



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