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    Default Jamming with a Osprey

    Has any one tryed this and does it work.
    can you jam a LIDAR with a osprey EMC4 or a laser range finder by being down range and shooting back at the LIDAR?
    kind of like a anti sniper.

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    yeah with most jammers you can jam a laser range finder

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    if you have a sniper shooting at a sniper or tracking a sniper..isn's he still a sniper?

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    I think he was asking if you can jam a Lidar Gun with a range finder.

    I'M about 99.9% Sure you can not, due to the pulse rate Lidar guns use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StlouisX50
    II'M about 99.9% Sure you can not
    So based on you studies there is a chance! What jammed 0.1% of the time?

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    Wow let me try to explain it...
    If a LIDAR gun pulses a signal to track speed if a return pulse interrupts that signal it will get an erroneous reading. Right? Well if im popping the officer’s gun with my rangefinder that pulses also it should interfere with the reading the gun gets. The physics should be correct I just wanting to know if it has been done before I buy a range finder to screw with this asshole cop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyVOLVOrob
    yeah with most jammers you can jam a laser range finder
    so if you can use a jammer to jam a laser range finder can you use a rangefinder to jam a laser?

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    LASER RANGEFINDER COUNTERMEASURE (LARC) - An airborne system employing four sensors to cover the aircraft's lower hemispheres. The sensors detect incoming LASER energy and provide direction-of-arrival data. The system subsequently predicts the laser emission's time of arrival, points a beam director toward the source of emission and transmits a countermeasure optical beam toward the rangefinder, thus jamming it. [10:2535] See also LASER RANGEFINDER.

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    NO, it wouldn't do anything at all to the officer's gun.

    The guns are "gated" so that the first pulse received after sending a pulse out is used for speed calculation. Anything received after that is completely ignored by the gun. So, in order to "jam" a pulse from the targeting laser gun, a pulse from the jamming laser gun must reach the officer's targeting gun AFTER the targeting gun sends out a pulse, but before that pulse is reflected from the target back to the targeting laser gun.

    Now, let's take a look at what must happen for this to actually occur:

    -Assume a Kustom Prolaser III is the officer's targeting laser gun, at 200pps. It sends out a pulse every 5000 microseconds (.005 seconds).

    -Assume 1000 feet to the target vehicle. At 1000 feet, it takes the targeting gun's pulse about 2.03 microseconds (0.00000203 seconds) to travel to the vehicle and back to the gun.

    So, every 5000 microseconds, there is a 2.03 microsecond "window" where a "jamming" pulse must be received. Pulses received outside of those windows are completely ignored by the laser gun.

    5000 microseconds / 2.03 miocroseconds = 2463

    In this example, overall one would have a 1 in 2463 chance of any one randomly-fired pulse from an external source actually making it into a "window" to be accepted by the targeting laser gun and used for calculations.

    You might "get lucky" and every once in a while a pulse from the 195pps Osprey would fall into the "window" for the targeting laser gun. But the guns needs ~30 or more consistent pulses in order to display a speed, so there wouldn't be any perceptable difference on the targeting end, even if you could jam 1 in 50 pulses.

    For more see this thread:

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    thats cool but i dont care really about the pulse width. if you are looking at a cars head lights down the street and suddenly someone shines an 20000000 candel power spot light in you face from 2 feet away can you see the cars head lights any more?
    if you target the cops laser the beam width at 2000 feet would be easly enough big enough to hit it. if the recieving diode cant see the pluse it will jam right?



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